Dolphins PlusNicaWe are now studying critters from micro-invertebrates to megafauna! MarineLab is excited to announce that it is partnering with Dolphins Plus Bayside to offer programs with a marine mammal component to its MarineLab students during September-February.

Teachers can customize their MarineLab programs to include "dry" activities at Dolphins Plus Bayside like the Marine Mammal Care Lab, Sea Lion Demo, Dolphin Anatomy & Physiology, and Animal Training. A wide variety of activities is available for all grade levels.

Teachers can also schedule shallow water interactions or structured swims for their students. All programs are subject to availability and group size restrictions. Call (800)741-1139 to inquire about specifics and reservations!

All programs include housing and meals at MarineLab's oceanfront campus, along with our standard seagrass/mangrove/coral reef ecology curriculum and snorkeling field trips.

Listed below are a few of our recommended itineraries with prices. Please note that these programs are only available September through February! We can also customize a program for your group!


Three Day Program, with half day at Dolphins Plus

Option #1 includes shoreside interaction: $435 per student

Option #2 includes Shallow Water Encounter: $540 per student

Option #3 includes Structured Swim: $585 per student

Download a PDF here

Four Day Program with a full day at Dolphins Plus

Option #1 includes Shallow Water Encounter:

Option #2 includes Structured Swim:


MarineLab Mammal Camp

A four day program that includes a day and a half at Dolphins Plus, including two structured swims and a natural swim

$865 per student

Download a PDF here

Chaperone fees are based on the options selected. Call (800) 741-1139 extension 202 for more information!








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