Torrington HS in JulesA mini adventure is a visit to the unique underwater habitats located in MarineLab's lagoon. JULES' UNDERSEA LODGE and the MarineLab Undersea Laboratory are the only two operating underwater habitats open to the public for visits and research. Students must be SCUBA certified in order to visit the underwater habitats.

Students are escorted down to the JULES habitat, where they are met by our Habitat Operations Director Chris Olstad. Chris leads the students in a discussion and visual presentation on the history, technology, and uses of underwater habitats. He then departs to prepare the MarineLab Undersea Laboratory for the students' arrival.

Groups of three are guided over to the MarineLab habitat by a divemaster. The MarineLab habitat is considerably smaller and cozier than the JULES habitat, which is why the groups are smaller. In MarineLab, students get to operate the Video Ray mini-ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and also participate in some of the ongoing monitoring and research efforts currently underway in the MarineLab habitat.

You can do a VIRTUAL MINI ADVENTURE from your classroom!


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