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SurveyEvery teacher that brings a group to MarineLab is asked to evaluate us! We appreciate feedback from the teachers and are constantly improving our programs and facility in response to teacher suggestions. Here are some reviews. For more, click here. You can also see what past students have to say about their MarineLab programs.

The whole program is great.  The instructors are so knowledgeable and are friendly and effective teachers.  Everything is very well organized and structured to run smoothly and efficiently.  Loudoun Country Day School, VA. (2011)

We love coming down there and the methods you guys use really does increase their education…they are not “just diving” or “playing in the Keys” as so many of our friends who do NOT go think happens.  Washington HS, FL. (2011)

It’s one thing to learn about marine life in school, it’s another to actually see it.  Snorkeling in crystal clear water with thousands of fish and beautiful coral has made me eager to help protect these incredible habitats so that people generations from now can enjoy them just as I did.  Every discussion, lab, and field trip our group did was informative and fun.  Student from Lake Braddock HS, VA (2011)

We love this trip…look forward to it every year.  Students say it is the best  of the class trips. Southwest Florida Christian Academy, FL (2010)

MarineLab faculty and staff do an excellent job meeting my students where they are at and providing bot detail and “big picture” education.  Safety and reef consciousness of divemasters, captains, and mates is unparalleled.  Great job and we look forward to coming back next year! Colorado Northwestern Community College, CO 2015

Every year I learn something new and exciting! The information learned at MarineLab is something we cannot teach in a standard classroom.  Three Oaks MS, FL 2015

I visited your MarineLab in 1998…I have to tell you that I still remember this visit like it was yesterday, probably the best experience of my life.  Thanks again.  A student from Two Rivers HS, WI, received in 2013.

Hello MarineLab!  I came to your facility in 2012 as a 5th grader and I just want to say how amazing you were!  It was one of the better experiences I’ve had! A student, received in 2015

The ability to student the phylogeny/habitat etc of ocean organisms was very helpful to my AP Bio group (particularly a group from Tennessee!)  Greeneville HS, TN (2010)



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