MarineLab Programs

All MarineLab programs include snorkeling field trips to the seagrass, mangrove, and coral reef communities. Programs are designed for groups, with a minimum of 9 students.The programs last anywhere from one to six days. We can customize a program for your group too! All prices include meals, accommodations, and snorkel gear unless otherwise noted, and are subject to change. Ground transfers to Miami or Ft Lauderdale airports, bed linens, and other options are available for an additional fee. Call 305-451-1139, email us at, or see our reservations page for details on group sizes. Prices are shown below with the program itineraries.

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Rodriguez KeyStandard Programs

All standard programs include snorkeling field trips, evening programs, snorkel gear, meals and accommodations. Prices based on having 9 paying participants per boat (small boats) or a minimum of 14 for the Big Boat.

We can design custom programs using standard program components!

One day extended: Itinerary $185 (2016), $193 (2017)
Two day, one night: Itinerary $245 (2016), $250 (2017)|
Three day, two nights: Itinerary $435 (2016), $442 (2017)|
Four day, three nights: Grades 5-6 Itinerary or grades 7 - 8 Itinerary $670 (2016), $676 (2017); Grades 9 - 12 Itinerary $615 (2016), $626 (2017). Programs for lower grades include an additional snorkeling trip by boat, high school students have a land based program on phytoplankton and harmful algae blooms.

Longer programs are available - call 800-741-1139 to discuss!

AP studentsAdvanced Programs

Advanced program activities usually incorporate some type of research technique, such as using quadrats to do seagrass surveys. These programs are suitable for students in grades 9 - 12. These programs start with a 4 day 3 night program but can be customized. Some components have been correlated with AP Environmental Science and AP Biology outlines.

Four day, three night Advanced Itineraryy $615 (2016), $626 (2017)
Five day, four night Advanced Itinerary$790 (2016), $795 (2016)


parrrotfishPrograms with Service Learning/Citizen Science options

MarineLab has partnered with several other agencies and fellow non profit organizations to create educational components that incorporate citizen science or service learning options.

High school students can participate in water quality data collection, conduct fish surveys, study parrotfish behavior, and help identify phytoplankton and marine microplastics. Community service hours are earned by participating in these activities

Four day, three night Citizen Science Itinerary $615 (2016), $626 (2017)
Five day, four night Citizen Science Itinerary $790 (2016), $795 (2017)

DiversPrograms with SCUBA Diving

MarineLab has programs for Open Water SCUBA Certified students. These programs incorporate marine ecology learning with SCUBA dives on the fabulous reef just off Key Largo, which is the third largest reef in the world! Protected by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, this reef includes some of the best diving in the world.

In partnership with the dive shop on property, Island Venture, we can provide SCUBA certification and referral services as well! Please call our office for details at 305-451-1139.





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