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Your Program Itinerary A copy of your itinerary is included with your confirmation email. We can customize your itinerary to a certain extent. Our core program of seagrass, mangrove, and coral reef ecology cannot be changed, but additional activities can be included. Customization can include:
  • changed arrival and departure times
  • Different selection of evening activities
  • Free time to visit other areas of the Keys, such as Key West or the Turtle Hospital in Marathon
  • A marine mammal program with Dolphins Plus (Sept - February only)
If you wish to discuss customizing your program, please cal Ginette at 800-741-1139 or email coordinator@marinelab.org. Changes to your program must be made as far in advance as possible; we cannot easily change your program while you are here, since we make staffing assignments about a month in advanced. LOOK AT YOUR ITINERARY CAREFULLY WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT, thanks!
2016 - 17 Snorkel Program Leaders Handbook (pdf version of Policies & Guidelines)

Summary of Forms Needed

Details Form

Student Roster

Parent Information Handout

Student Information & Waiver Form

Snorkel Packing Checklist
MarineLab's policy on Full Face Masks

Chaperone Guidelines

Chaperone Information & Waiver Form

Group T Shirt & Water Bottle Ordering Form
Transportation Form
Boat Manifests

1 boat | 2 boats | Big Boat please use 2 boat form| 3 boats | 4 boats | 5 boats | 6 boats | 7 boats | 8 boats | 9 boats | 10 boats


2016-2017 SCUBA Program Leaders' Handbook

Summary of Forms Needed
Details Form
Student Roster

Student under 18 Waiver
Student over 18 Waiver
Physician's Release
SCUBA Packing Checklist

Info for Parents

Chaperone Waiver
Chaperone Guidelines
Group T Shirt/Water Bottle Ordering Form
Transportation Form
Boat Assignments use manifests above


We have brochures and posters available to help you with recruiting students!

Complete the details form, call (800)741-1139 or email coordinator@marinelab.org to request them.

Directions to MarineLab


Florida schools, do you need a bus? Try Annett Bus Lines!


Getting started - some tips from other teachers on putting together a MarineLab trip

Information for Students with Dietary Restrictions

Safety First! Information that may help you get administration approval including water safety

Weather Links

MarineLab program components have been correlated with all states' science standards, PLUS the US Science Education Standards! Drop us a line or give us a call to request your program's correlation with YOUR state's standards!

How many boats will I need for my group?

7-9 10 1 boat
10-18* 20 2 boats OR 1 Big Boat
19-27** 30 3 boats
28-36 40 4 boats
37-45 50 5 boats
46-54 60 6 boats
55-63 70 7 boats
64-72 80 8 boats
73-81 90 9 boats
82-90 100 10 boats (our maximum)

* please note, we require a minimum of 7 full paying participants on each boat, so if you have fewer than 14 students on two boats or if you have fewer than 12 students on a big boat, you will need to collect more money per student, .

** please not, we require a minimum of 7 full paying participants on each boat, so if you have fewer than 21 students you will need to collect more money per student.


How much will I need to deposit? (snorkel programs only)

Your program fee and required deposit will be shown on the front page of your confirmation packet as well. The deposit is calculated as 30% of the snorkeling program fee per student multiplied by 9 students per boat.

Big Boat Deposit Requirement. The Big Boat will only be booked for a single school that is expecting no more than 18 students and 2 adults. The minimum deposit is 14 paying participants.



The balance payment is due 30 days prior to your program start date.  Student Information Forms are required to accompany your balance payment.

You will receive an invoice for the balance payment 30 days before it is due.  The balance due is 70% of the program multiplied by the number of students you have. 

NOTE:  We require a minimum of 7 balance payments per boat (12 for the Big Boat).  If you only have 6 (or 11) students, you will need to collect extra money to cover the balance payment.

We reserve the right to decrease the number of boats assigned to your group if, after depositing, your group size decreases and your group can be accommodated by a lesser number of boats.

We require at least one chaperone with each boat.


The deposit is non-refundable.  If you cancel your program after sending in your deposit, you have forfeited that deposit.

Individual cancellations 14 days or more before the program start date will receive a 70% refund.  Cancellations 13 days or less before the program start date will receive a 50% refund UPON APPROVAL.  NO refunds for no-shows.   If a student is ILL or has a FAMILY EMERGENCY and cannot attend at the last minute, a 70% refund will be issued UPON APPROVAL.

Refund checks are issued back to the organization or individual who cut the payment check.  If the school sent a check for the program, then the refund check will be cut back to the school, NOT to the individual.


Every participant is required to complete an Information & Waiver Form.  

· Minor Student forms must be notarized. 
· Students who will be 18 years old at the time of the program must complete an Adult Form
· All chaperones must complete an Adult Form.

These forms are due to MarineLab 30 days prior to your program start date.  This is to allow us time to review the forms for signatures, notary seals, dietary and medical information.  Proper planning will eliminate the need to overnight or express mail your forms to us in order to get them here by that deadline.

You must complete a ROSTER

You should have sent in an initial roster with your deposit.  Make sure the roster you send with the Waiver Forms is the most up-to-date one!

You must assign your students to boats prior to arrival. Select the Boat Manifest that matches the number of boats you have booked! Students and chaperones should be assigned in boat groups of no more than 9 paying participants and 1 free chaperone. These students will be assigned to the same boat throughout their program, except when a student is switched to another boat due to behavior issues or skill level.Boat groups may be combined into a big boat group on occasion. Even if you only have one boat, please complete the boat assignment list.  We are required to have a manifest onboard by the US Coast Guard.

In addition, groups of four or more boats are split into Group A and Group B for scheduling purposes.  The boat assignment sheet has them split accordingly.

1 boat | 2 boats | Big Boat please use the 2 boat Manifest | 3 boats | 4 boats | 5 boats | 6 boats | 7 boats | 8 boats | 9 boats | 10 boats

Please tell your students their Group and Boat assignments prior to your arrival at MarineLab—it helps expedite getting them out on their boats!

What to expect upon arrival & departure

Like a hotel, MarineLab has people checking in and out at specified times to allow staff to clean and prepare for the next group.

Please do your best to arrive on time—not early!  In season, MarineLab will often have two buses departing just before the next two buses arrive, and our parking lot simply cannot accommodate that kind of traffic. Also, our instructional staff will be busy with the outgoing group, and your dorm rooms may not be ready for you yet either.

If you find that you are ahead of schedule, please find ways to dawdle during lunch, or plan on making a visit to one of Key Largo’s attractions.  John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is right next door.  If you are a Florida school and fax a request for an entrance fee waiver ahead of time, you will be able to get in free.

If you are out of options, please call the office ahead of time so we can make arrangements.  If you are running late, please call us too, so we can be prepared!

Upon arrival, you will be met by a MarineLab instructor.  The instructor will direct you where to temporarily place luggage and then give a complete facility orientation.  Students are usually going to get wet right away, so it may be worthwhile to have the students wear their swimsuits under their clothes on the bus ride down! 

On your last day, we may request you to move out of your dorm rooms prior to your last field trip. This is to allow our housekeeping staff time to clean the rooms prior to the next group's arrival. You will have the use of the labs for luggage storage and and the use of the showers and rest rooms for changing before your trip home. For groups departing without a lunch, we ask that you plan on pulling out of our parking lot no later than 12:30. If you are having lunch with us, you should plan on pulling out around 12:45 pm.











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