Recruiting Students and Chaperones

Recruit your students!

MarineLab has brochures for distribution, a poster to advertise your meeting or the program weeks, and a VIDEO on our Youtube feed that shows exactly what a MarineLab program is all about. You can request these on our Details form or simply email

When you hold an information meeting with your students, feel free to distribute the parent information form. Publish the MarineLab website in the parent meeting announcement, so they can browse it and be prepared with any questions.

Set a deadline for deposits to be turned in by the students.  Make sure the parents know that the deposits are non-refundable!

Suggest that the parents download the Student Information & Waiver Form and complete it before the meeting, and have a notary present at the meeting.  Even though this form is not due until 30 days prior to the program, it might be a wise idea to have these available at the second meeting, if not the first.

Make sure your parents know about the Parent Page on the MarineLab website!  It contains lots of information on our programs, facilities, and safety procedures.  It also has all Student and Adult Information & Waiver Forms, packing checklists, and more!

Some Helpful Tips:

  • Plan an all-inclusive trip where the cost includes all meals, transportation, etc
  • MarineLab recommends wetsuits for programs held November through March. Consider including that cost if your program falls in that time frame.
  • Plan charter bus transportation on a smaller number of participants than are initially interested (to account for cancellations)
  • If there are any chaperone fees involved, include them in the student fee - if your school allows it!
  • Take the deposit from students EARLY in the year
  • Arrange a monthly payment schedule for students throughout the year

Recruit your chaperones!

One chaperone/teacher may participate FREE for every boat reserved with a deposit.  One additional chaperone per group is charged room and board.  This fee is shown on your confirmation letter.  ANY additional chaperones per group must pay the full program fee. 

You will need at least one chaperone per boat.  Additional chaperones are subject to program fees (see your statement).  Depending on your group size, if you have more than one chaperone per boat, the chaperones may have to rotate taking turns on the field trips.  Students who stay back from field trips must be accompanied by a chaperone, if one is available.

Chaperones go through all aspects of the MarineLab program— including the swim test! During the field trips and discussion/labs, our instructors will be in charge and you can mostly enjoy the lessons and learning.  Help support them in their responsibilities by providing crowd control, if necessary. 

Every group should have one Lead Chaperone on-site.  This Lead Chaperone’s duties include:

  • Coordinating with chaperones of any other groups here at MarineLab regarding lights out time, shared volleyballs, etc.
  • Assigning an adult to be the group leader for each boat group, in case you have more than one adult in a boat group.
  • Coordinating with MarineLab staff regarding schedule changes or group issues

Please remember when you choose your chaperones to brief them carefully on their responsibilities as well as the fun activities in which they’ll participate.

Be sure to give prospective chaperones a copy of the Chaperone Guidelines.

Chaperone criteria include:

  • Chaperones must be able to swim and are comfortable in the water.
  • Chaperones should be able to control the group’s behavior and guide them through the program.
  • Chaperones should model the correct behavior by following all facility rules while participating in the program.  This includes being on time for meals and programs.

Chaperones must also complete the Adult Information & Waiver Form.  Please note the area for medical and special dietary information.

Any questions, just give us a call at 800-741-1139!

Don’t forget your water bottle!  Everyone should bring their own bottle or purchase one in our shop!





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