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The Art Mitchell Memorial Fund

Art MitchellMarineLab owes much to its original director Art Mitchell. In 1986, he designed the programs that are presented to this day, and set the bar for the quality of his teaching and his devotion to the ocean. Art knew how the ocean could be used to teach, inspire, and change the lives of students of all ages. He passed that knowledge on to scores of MarineLab instructors, who passed it on to thousands and thousands of students.

Art passed away in October 2017 from complications from Parkinson's Disease. To honor his memory, we are renaming our Starfish Fund to the Art Mitchell Memorial Fund This fund is used to provide scholarships for students from Title I schools to attend a MarineLab program with their school.

All donations to this fund will be used strictly to enable these underserved students to experience a MarineLab program. MarineLab programs can be life changing; of the thousands of students who've attended MarineLab since 1985, many of them have gone on to careers in science, and all have been deeply impacted by their experiences. MarineLab makes a difference - and by donating to the Art Mitchell Memorial Fund, you can help make a difference too! Click here for a pdf document with details.

You may send a check directly to MarineLab/MRDF at PO Box 787, Key Largo, FL 33037-9787, or by clicking this PayPal button.

Thank you for your generosity!

I went to MarineLab back in 1991 with my Jr. High School life sciences class and teacher. I was inspired by that trip and went on to get my undergraduate in marine science and became an ocean law attorney. I cannot thank my teacher and all at MarineLab who made this young girl's heart turn blue with love for the ocean! - Sarah Winter Whelan

Whale 1989 1996

Staff photo from 1996
Staff photo in 1989, during the first NOAA Summer Teacher Workshop
Art found and recovered the sperm whale backbone and skull that is still located at MarineLab.