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Deposit Policy

Our programs are conducted almost entirely aboard our fleet of US Coast Guard Inspected Passenger Vessels. Since it costs the same to send 6 students out as 9 students, we have a minimum, non-refundable deposit requirement to help offset those boat costs.

The small boats hold 9 students and 1 free chaperone; our big boat holds 18 students and 2 chaperones. Deposits are 30% of the program fee. These deposits are non refundable and not applicable to your balance payment.

For instance, if you have 25 students, you will need 3 boats to accommodate your group. You've booked our standard three day, two night program, which is $450 per student (using 2018 pricing).

The minimum required deposit is 27 (3 boats of 9 students each) X $135 (30% of $450) = $3,645.

The balance payment would be for 25 (actual number of students attending) X $315 (70% of $450) = $7,875.

Your total program cost would be $3,645 + $7,875 = $11,520. You will want to collect $460.80 from each student to help cover the required deposit.