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StudentSpongeTeacher, parents, and students all love MarineLab! Here are just a few comments from the past two years of evaluations. We ask for an evaluation from every group so we can continue to improve our curriculum, staff, and facility!

Students continue to talk about their amazing experiences! To top it off, students are creating power points based on one of the seven phylums (sic) you introduced them to, and they are loving it! Wood Acres School, GA


Students learned a lot and were able to relate it to other topics well. Since our full trip theme was related to the greater Everglades ecosystem, they really began to understand the connections well even to the estuary system. Well planned, run and developed program. Cornerstone University, MI

Our seventh grade students look forward to this experience all year, and for some, many years.  From the time we arrive and depart, we are led by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.  Safety is a number one priority of our parents and the MarineLab meets all of these concerns.  The accommodations and meals are excellent. Snorkeling in the coral reefs, seagrasses and mangroves with their classmates gives the students the ability to explore and learn the eco-system in a way that could not be experienced on a leisure family vacation.  The evening activities and discussions enhance the student's knowledge of marine science as well as give our teachers an understanding of what their students learned during the school year.  I highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience from a parent's perspective and as a chaperone. St Luke's Episcopal, AL

The staff seems to love what they do...they cover information thoroughly and combine as many activities and experiences as they can in the program. Planning this trip involves a lot of work, but once we get there we quickly see that it's well worth it! Arvida Middle School, Miami, FL

We absolutely loved this trip! The staff was fun and knowledgeable, and all of the activities and lessons were fantastic! Steward Outdoor School, CT

InvertDivExcellent balance of lecture/instruction and hands on activity. Manhattan Middle School, CO

We love coming down there and the methods you guys use really does increase their education…they are not “just diving” or “playing in the Keys” as so many of our friends who do NOT go think happens.  Washington HS, FL

I did want to express that I have had students come back to me or contact me from years ago.  One of the first things that is said is “I will NEVER forget that awesome trip to Key Largo – thank you so much.”…You all truly touch the lives of many. By educating others you cause students to see the importance of being good stewards of our environement.  George Crump, retired, W.T. Woodson HS, VA

We have been sending our sixth grade class to MarineLab for many years and have always had an amazing time. The instructors are extremely knowledgable, prepared, friendly, patient, and work very well with our students. The facility, boats and snorkel equipment are top-rate and our students are constantly reminded about safety procedures. MarineLab is by far the most looked forward to field trip for our students. We will continue to visit every year! St Mark's Episcopal, Ft Lauderdale, FL