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Finding the Whale
Cleaning the Whale
Dem Bones
Laying out the skeleton

Page was last updated on 04/05/99

We recovered the skeletal remains of the whale in early December, 1997.  By that time, it was pretty well decomposed. Art Mitchell, Agnes Newcomer, and Grant Cameron had the lovely job of loading stinky whale bones into the MarineLab Privateer and bringing them back to the facility. Art tracked down previous whale stranding reports and found that it had first been reported floating off the Elbow reef (apparently dead already) in August 1997; had been reported to the Coast Guard as a hazard to navigation when it floated into the channel leading into Garden Cove and North Sound Creek; and finally found by a fishing guide who called Art with its location.  After obtaining the necessary permission, Art and crew went and retrieved the bones on a squally afternoon. 

Boatbone.jpg (21836 bytes) A boat full of stinky bones! 

Skulltow.jpg (16854 bytes) The skull was towed back to MarineLab behind one of the Privateers - it was too heavy to lift and too big to fit inside our 24' open fisherman-style boat! 


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Page was last updated on 04/05/99


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