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eMarineLab Teacher Demo REGISTERZOOM Connect your classroom to the unique habitats of Key Largo! eMarineLab provides the MarineLab science learning experience on a virtual platform.  The live programs are designed to engage students 4th-12th grade and give them opportunities to learn about and see animals, plants, and ocean ecosystems without having to travel to our campus. Our lessons are all aligned with NGSS, utilize inquiry-based science instruction, and are taught by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable MarineLab instructors.  We are always flexible and willing to meet the needs of your classroom (timing, academic level, etc.)  While we primarily use Zoom, we are happy to use your platform of choice as a guest speaker.   We are so excited to remain connected to our students through this new medium! Happy learning!

Each session has a maximum of 30 participants to ensure maximum interaction with our instructor. PDFs with objectives & standards are provided via the link in each description.

Click here to book any of these classes. Email if you have further questions! Are you interested in a program for your college students? Contact our director Sarah Egner at

THESE SESSIONS ARE FREE FOR FLORIDA TITLE I SCHOOLS FROM OCTOBER 2020 THROUGH MARCH 2021, OR UNTIL OUR ART MITCHELL FUNDS RUN OUT. Your school must be currently recognized as a Title I school to utilize this funding.

What Teachers Are Saying:

Loved that my students could see tropic/warm water marine bio curriculum without having to be physically there!

The engagement with the kids was outstanding! The content was great and allowed the kids to participate throughout. They have never participated in any activity even close to the extent they did today!

The presentation was seamless and very thorough!

Our students were able to experience an expedition that is out of our reach as an educational field trip.

The interaction was AWESOME! Out of all of my evaluations for our two-week long unit, ALL of my students enjoyed our virtual field trip the most! They all participated in the Q and A and enjoyed the BINGO and ID sheets. I can't wait to book our next virtual trip, and to take them to MarineLab to experience it in person.

Virtual Snorkel: Coral Reef Ecology

If students can’t come visit the reef with MarineLab in person, the next best thing is a guided reef snorkel with a marine biologist over the web.  Students will not only get to see a piece of the reef here in the Florida Keys, but will learn the names of some of the fish, understand why coral is important, practice ID skills and younger students will play a game along the way to assist with observation.  Let’s go snorkeling (virtually…)! Curriculum

Session fee: $75 (One instructor; classroom setting)


Adaptation Station: Mangrove Invertebrates

Instructors will anchor a boat in Florida Bay to show off our beautiful mangroves. Students will better understand adaptation by observing live organisms that inhabit the mangrove habitat, identifying structures and behaviors of these organisms, and explaining possible benefits of these observations in terms of survival. Plenty of time will be provided for Q & A with mangrove “critters” such as blue-eyed scallops, sea stars, flatworms and sea slugs. Session is subject to weather! Curriculum

Sesssion fee: $175 (Two instructors; outdoor setting aboard our boat)


Jelly Bellies: Scientific Observation of Cassiopeia Jellyfish

MarineLab instructors will broadcast live from a preferred home of the Cassiopeia jellyfish – the MarineLab boat basin! Students will practice making scientific observations using live Cassiopeia while learning all about this jellyfish. We will conclude with “three truths and a lie” to help dispel myths of this oft-feared creature. Implications of society's view on organisms such as jellyfish will be discussed. Two instructors per session. Curriculum

Session fee: $125 (Two instructors; outdoor setting)

Life on the Rock: Marine Invertebrate Observations

Micro and macro invertebrates from a community that live on live rocks found in Key Largo inshore waters will be displayed. With guidance from the instructor, students practice close scientific observation and use these observations to create explanations. Plenty of time will be allotted for viewing of the entire live rock community (i.e. seastars, amphipods, snails, crabs, isopods, etc.) Two instructors per session. This is a virtual version of our classic "Rock Shake" lab. Curriculum

Session fee: $125 (Two instructors; indoor/outdoor setting)

Slow Racer: Plankton Morphology

Two MarineLab instructors will connect with students live from our MarineLab facility. Prior to the program, instructors will tow for plankton in the oceanside waters adjacent to our campus. Plankton will be discussed, the sample will be broadcast, and students will discover and make sense of shared characteristics amongst the plankton community. Students will then predict which of our plankton models will win our slowest sinker plankton race! Curriculum

Session fee: $100 (Two instructors; lab setting)